Dalma Group

Dalma International Group is the new name for excellence. The company was formed with a vision to supply high-quality spare parts at reasonable rates to consumers. Our daily endeavor is to pursue excellence where customer relations are concerned. The company and all its employees are driven by nothing more than a single thrust - to offer the best products that are available in the market to consumers. Dalma International Group is a renowned name, solely because of our focus on quality spare parts.


There are countless well-known companies in the industry that have chosen us to deliver automotive
spare parts as well as industrial equipment to keep their business running.

Why Us

There is no shortage of companies selling automotive and industrial spare parts in the GCC .
We stand out because of our rapidly expanding customer base and our unflinching focus on quality.

Large Inventory

We are dedicated to offering a full range of products to wide clientele throughout the world.

Top quality parts

One thing that you can be assured of when you buy products from us is our quality.

Affordable Price

We ensure that all customers can buy our products without worrying about the price tag .

Assured Warranty

We offer an unbreakable warranty. You can quickly get it replaced or get a full refund.


We have a large and extensive inventory of products and spare parts
for customers to choose from.

Trusted and Certified Dealership,
Selling Automotive Spare Parts & Industrial Equipment

Our motive here at Dalma International Group is to forge long-lasting bonds as well as strong relationships with our customers. We believe in achieving that through quality, professionalism, and trust. We are known as a trusted dealership primarily because of our certifications and years of loyal service to our customers.